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June 24, 2017
A Treasure Trove of Priceless Vancouver Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips
June 25, 2017

The Description Meta Tag Can Convert Ranking to Clicks

Vancouver Affordable Websites & SEO   •   June 25, 2017



Ranking well on search engine results is very important, but not good enough. After you rank, you want the person doing the search to click on the result and come to your website…this is how you do it:
By having a good description. When search engines display the search results, they will usually show the page title, and below, the page description….
Your page meta tag description plays a very KEY roll in deciding if the person will click and come to your website. Make your description meta tag not only meaningful, but offer some reward, for example:
“A good description meta tag can convert good ranking into traffic… here’s how:”
Of course you don’t say how, the visitor needs to come to your website to find out how…

David Woolf
David Woolf
Vancouver webmaster with 20 years experience in web design and SEO.

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